wednesday afternoon music group

Hello everyone, thinking of you all on Music Wednesday especially! I hope you are all managing to listen to some music, and I’d love to know what you’re finding helpful, uplifting, relaxing or interesting, let me know and we can share it with others.

One member told me this week her favourite song is Stand by Me – a SMART music classic too!

Here are a couple of very different versions….see what you think…

version one
version two

It reminded me of great moments in SMART when we’ve all sung together and felt really good, the power of music to bring people together. Although we can’t be together round the piano at the moment, we are all still able to connect, so please call or email us, and check in to the online activities. I think we should have a zoom music tea break soon, so watch this space!

We also need your suggestions for the playlist we are putting together whilst we are all out of ciruclation…here’s one sent in by someone with a good sense of humour!

view playlist

Stay well, see you all soon hopefully


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