Bridge building

The SMART Bridge-building team supports people to access activities outside SMART. This could be anything from finding a training course to joining a gym, as well as organising trips in and out of London.
We also often create new groups and services to meet a demand. Recent examples of this include the Knitting Group and the Smoking Cessation Group.

How it works

If there is something you think you might be interested in, come and speak to a member of the Bridge-building team. The team can also work with you to identify your goals and create an action plan. This will address the challenges you may face, with the strengths you possess. We can give you advice on how to access Direct Payments and other financial and practical support.

Community Links

The Bridge-building team currently enjoy contacts with other organisations in the area such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, Chelsea Theatre, Portobello Green Fitness Club, Kensington and Chelsea College among many others.

The Team

Our team has experience from a wide variety of backgrounds, ranging from music to ceramics, design to dance, playwriting and acting. But most important is your input. There are many ways for you to let us know what activities you would like us to organise, and we want to hear them. Pop in and say hello, or give us a call(0207 376 4668) or email Tom

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