Welcome to the gardening project page

The Garden project takes place in the SMART garden and surrounding areas. In these places project members have the opportunity to care for plants, learn more about them, and take in some fresh air and light exercise in a relaxing environment.

What we do

There are the weekly tasks of watering and weeding to be done, plus whatever jobs the season lends itself to. For example, there may be tomatoes to be harvested, seeds to be planted, or window boxes to plant up. The winter months see us catching up on other things, such as care for wildlife and some craft work – inside in the warm! Also, members with a particular idea of what they’d like to do or learn in the garden are supported in doing so by David, the Project Supervisor.


There are three garden sessions that take place over two days:
Tuesday 10:30am – 12:30pm
Friday 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Members of the garden project can come to as many or as few of the sessions as they like. All we ask is that people arrive at the beginning of the session. Don’t like early mornings? The afternoon slots might suit you better.

Did you know?

Vegetables and herbs grown in the SMART garden are used in our café, or sold alongside window boxes and hanging baskets that have been made by those working in the garden. All profits go right back into SMART helping us to do what we do.