Wednesday afternoon music group

Good afternoon, everyone, I hope you are finding good music to keep your spirits up and your musical vibes going.

Usually on a Wednesday from 2-4pm we are jamming down in SMART, so I’d like to propose that we try to keep that routine going! How listening to some music each Wednesday afternoon, like I’m going to do? You could find some new songs or go through your album collection? Then we could have a “virtual tea break”, stopping like we always do around 3pm for a cuppa? It would be nice to know that we’re all thinking of each other and tuning in in every sense. At some point we could even try a zoom tea break, where we can all see each other!

I’m going to keep putting up tracks and websites that I come across, random things for you to try and investigate further, but what I’d really like is for you all to start suggesting some. How about we try and get a top 10 SMART favourite tracks?

And what about a Pandemic Playlist? What are you listening to that helps during this, that might help everyone?

Email your song choices to me at or call/text the SMART mobile 07341 560625 and I’ll start putting up a track every week for us to consider for the playlist! In the meantime, here are a couple of links to live classics from the Royal Albert Hall. The Hall is
closed for now, of course, but they are still sharing some of their brilliant concerts, have a look at their website,

Below are links to 2 classic performances from Iggy Pop and Led Zepplin…

Iggy Pop Performance

Led Zepplin Performance

Or maybe the Stereophonics are more your thing….

Stereophonics Performance

I look forward to hearing from you!


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