Coronavirus latest information


All the news about coronavirus may be making you feel anxious and confused so I hope this page will reassure you that SMART is still here to support you.

The cafe is now closed and we are providing the following instead:

Regular calls to see how you’re doing and if you need help with anything.

Food – please email if you don’t have access to food and we will arrange a delivery if you’re in isolation or a time when you can pick it up from SMART. We will need to know your name, number, address and any dietary requirements.

All of our usual classes and activities but online. If you can’t get online at home do let us know and we will help.

Activity packs to keep you entertained at home.

Please make sure your contact details are up-to-date (email and phone numbers) and do follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for up-to-date news. Also let us know if you think of anything else we could do. You can call us anytime on 020 7376 4668 or email

I will post a new message each day which you can see on our Facebook page. Also visit our YouTube Channel for all of our videos and messages:

Best wishes, Amelia

Sources of information

  • An Online Resources Pack pack of useful information available for download

  • SMART Urgent help page A list of useful contact information.

  • General information about the condition.
  • Managing wellbeing.
  • Click here for information on hand-washing technique with soap and water.
  • Useful information from ACAS is here.